About Minotti

Minotti is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of design furniture. Founded after World War II by Alberto Minotti it was at first little more than a small craft shop. Today Minotti is a large international enterprise that markets its products in Europe, Asia and America. It has become an iconic brand that projects the best of Italian design to the world.

Despite its spectacular success and growth, Minotti remains a family business run by the brothers Renato and Roberto Minotti, who ensure that the company remains true to its strong identity and its high standards of production.

The formal elegance, innovative details and refined use of materials are the special contributions of Rodolfo Dordoni, the pioneering design director of Minotti, who has also been instrumental in crafting the  influential image of the Minotti brand.  He is today recognised as one of the world’s foremost furniture and interior designers as well as an outstanding architect.

Minotti furniture excels by its elegance, sophisticated design, original details, precious materials and a unique blend of  handcrafted elements with technical innovation.

The company, already well known around the world, is currently reinforcing its position, especially in China, by growing its sales network in this country.

It is my job to ensure that the Minotti sales organisation in Asia has everything it needs and that it uses its resources to expand successfully in this region.