About Antonio Marelli

We are living in a fast-paced, high-pressure era of unprecedented change. Yet in this restless situation, substantial new opportunities are continuously emerging.

I see Asia as a vast, promising market that we cannot afford to miss, as it represents one of the largest trading opportunities that we have in the world today. Of course there are challenges in Asia, but they are not so different from the rest of the world. Besides, the rewards can be prodigious, if we are able to meet the specific requirements of this market.

Three priorities are, in my opinion, of vital importance to our further success in Asia: pursuing excellence in design, manufacturing and marketing, listening very closely to the needs and preferences of our clients, and, last not least, developing strong collaborations with our international business partners and sales agents.

To me, furniture is more than just a set of functional objects distributed in space. Furniture should, in my view, be a beautifully designed and masterfully produced art form that gives a lifetime of pleasure.

My passion for design furniture has led me to set up my own international trading company, ATALIA srl, and, in the more recent past, to transfer my residence to Asia, where, I believe, the most promising opportunities for creative furnishing solutions are developing.

My long, hands-on experience as international agent for renowned Italian manufacturers, has allowed me to forge excellent and long-lasting relationships with buyers in Europe and Asia. The furniture I have brought to market spans the range from traditional and classical to contemporary and has also included large furnishing contracts. I have always made a point of providing the best service and value both to suppliers and purchasers, responding to their respective needs for flexibility, integrity and reliability.

Over the years I have forged a particularly close and fruitful business relationship with Minotti, the acclaimed Italian furniture brand. During my extensive travels in Asia, I have observed that this market is very keen on design and manufacturing excellence, particularly of the kind that Minotti offers. Minotti is in fact appreciated for its blend of elegant, modern lines, superlative craftsmanship and exceptional materials and finishes.

As the Minotti Resident Manager for Asia I have presently the following responsibilities:

  • Directing Minotti’s sales program in Asia
  • Advising Minotti on the market situation, sales results, customer feedback and new  sales opportunities
  • Exploring and developing Minotti’s market potential in Asia
  • Informing Minotti on competitor activities
  • Conducting reviews with existing buyers in the region and cultivating new customers
  • Promoting high levels of customer and end-client satisfaction
  • Communicating Minotti’s strategy as well as its product and service offerings to the customer base. Advising custonmers on the setting up of showrooms, shops and marketing events
  •  Advising customers on appropriate promotional information and communication activities
  • Proposing the development of new products and services appropriate to the Asian markets

During my past years in Asia, I have always made a point of thinking of this vast continent within its own cultural realities and within its own specificities, avoiding to apply our chosen criteria to Asian circumstances. This approach has helped me a great deal in achieving mutual benefits with our customers and business partners in Asia.