The beautifully designed Minotti 2017 collection was displayed in deluxe settings at the recent Milan Salone

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Minotti is a forward thinking and creative furnishing firm, with a vision to introduce strong concepts of Culture and Lifestyle to interior and exterior design. This was amply demonstrated by the Company’s striking display at this year’s Milan Salone.

The Salone was the perfect occasion to set the launch of Minotti’s newest collection, which comprised a series of new indoors and outdoors products, designed and developed under the gifted guidance of star architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni.

Grand surfaces attracted visitors from the outside to the inside of Minotti’s showroom. Flooring overlays and carpets created interesting horizontal space sections. To produce distinct vertical dividers, high wooden panels, patterned wall textiles and generous vegetation were employed with great skill and finesse. Together with the elegant, flush-mounted, paired ceiling lights, the display created a cohesive and very convincing look and feel.

Occupying 2000 square meters and stretching over two floors, Minotti’s Salone showroom gave people a unique occasion to discover the Company’s latest products in all their fascinating beauty. The vast display area offered ample spaces for the exhibited pieces and let visitors relax comfortably, while they examined and discussed the information they collected.

Guests could engage very closely with this year’s collection. And they could readily appreciate the newly available materials, fabrics, colours and finishes, which customize individual pieces in many creative ways.

The 2017 collection astonishes with its modernity, yet it is anchored in the solid tradition of classical Minotti craftsmanship. Only the genius of Rodolfo Dordoni could excel at making this fusion highly successful.

Among the standout pieces deployed at the Salone were the Florida, Halley Outdoor and Colette Outdoor seating units.

“Minotti’s intent at this year’s Salone was to attract strong international attention … and it certainly succeeded” remarked Mr Antonio Marelli.

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