A new Minotti sales location opens in China, in the handsome seaside city of Xiamen

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2019 will mark a pivotal year in Minotti’s worldwide expansion, with the completion of a series of new showrooms in Asia, in the wake of the continuing demand for our products in this region.

Xiamen is about the same economic size as Singapore and Hong Kong. The city has produced a nominal yearly output of 2.2 trillion yuan in 2017. It is among one of the leading ten commercial and industrial cities in China. Its economy grows at a yearly rate of 12%.  The city’s consumption of furniture is currently forecasted to expand by 3% yearly.

Pictured here is a glimpse of Minotti’s elegant new Xiamen flagship showroom, which  offers an enticing space for Minotti products .

“We believe that we can achieve a positive development of Minotti’s business in Xiamen, last not least through the commitment and competence of our valued local business partners”  commented Mr. Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager in Asia.

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