Sukeno Event in Tokyo

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Why does Minotti continue to attract such a vast number of clients?
Certainly because its products are excellently designed, of highest quality and imbued with a pleasing elegance.

In Tokyo, on the 10th of October last, a special event took place in all three of Sukeno’s Minotti showrooms: in the Aoyama, Court and Tri-Angle buildings. Present were members of the Minotti and Sukeno families as well as architect Nendo, who this year designed a series of armchairs and sofas for the company. The event was split over three locations:

- The Tri-Angle showroom which displayed a hospitality set based on architect Nendo’s designs,
- The Court showroom, that presented a video on Minotti’s 70 years of successful business, and
- The Aoyama showroom, where a cheerful cocktail party for clients, designers, architects, business partners and many other guests was offered.

“Staging an informative business event is a tried and tested model that usually yields good results” said Mr. Antonio Marelli, adding “…but we are particularly fortunate to have the Sukeno family here in Tokyo with us, who not only manage our day to day business brilliantly, but also diligently reveal and promote our products to our guests on occasions such as this.”

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