Minotti’s remade showroom in Bangkok was inaugurated on June 21 2018

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The newly enlarged Minotti showroom in Bangkok  is now officially open.  The maximized space will serve as an office base for the Chanintr team, as a storage area for materials and as a place to receive clients, architects, interior designers, project managers and other guests.

Elements of the most recent Minotti collection were on display on June 21 during the lively inaugural event held in the new showroom.

Mr Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia, was present on the occasion, together with a distinguished group of Minotti executives and senior managers, most of them members of the Minotti founding family.

“I have never doubted how important Asia is for Minotti” said Mr Marelli, adding: “In Asia, product integrity, design elegance and material quality are becoming increasingly important to our clients. Consequently these aspects are now at the heart of everything Minotti produces.” Concluding, Mr Marelli remarked that “Minotti’s reputation is solidly established here in Asia and the company will, no doubt, pursue its strong growth, both in Bangkok and on the entire Asian continent…Our current business situation in Asia seems to me to add up to a strong development trajectory that is leading Minotti into a very auspicious future.”


Executives and Managers present at the Minotti Showroom Reopening Event on June 21  2018  in Bangkok:

Mr  Chanintr Sirisant, CEO Chanintr Living

Mrs Cathy Cheung and Mr Sammy Yan, China Traders

Mr  Renato Minotti and Mr Roberto Minotti, CEO’s Minotti Spa

Mr  Paolo Nardini, General Sales Manager, Minotti Spa

Mr Alessio Minotti, Minotti Spa

Mr Marco Piantoni, Minotti Spa

Mr. Antonio Marelli, Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia



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