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Minotti releases individual catalogs for the Lawrence, Pollock and Jacques product lines and publishes a brochure for the Morgan marble tables

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The Lawrence, Pollock and Jacques product lines were launched by Minotti at the 2017 Milan Salone. For each of these product lines, Minotti has now made available individual catalogs, which may be obtained worldwide from any Minotti distributor or retailer.

Any given product set can be configured and extensively customized to suit client requirements. A set can feature both fixed and modular elements. Minotti offers, as usual, a wide range of materials and finishes, which can be chosen according to criteria of aesthetic appeal, functionality and durability.

In addition to the three monographic catalogs mentioned above, Minotti has also produced the Morgan brochure, dedicated to the new Morgan marble table, which is an evolution of the original version introduced in 2014 – now luxuriously updated with a Calacatta marble top. We all appreciate, of course, that Minotti seatings can pair beautifully with richly veined marble.

Mr Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia, says “The products presented in these catalogs demonstrate that our designers share some important core talents, namely a natural elegance, an unfailing sense of clean lines and an intense understanding of material qualities”

MOIE of Jakarta opened its doors wide for this year’s Christmas Party

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MOIE, the distinguished and highly successful Minotti distributor in Jakarta, offered numerous local Architects, Interior Designers, Project Managers and private guests the opportunity to appreciate the most recent elements of Minotti’s 2017 collection at this year’s Christmas Party.

Visitors enjoyed a hands-on experience of Minotti’s latest pieces, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It was, no doubt, a lovely evening.

On the occasion, MOIE gained a great deal of sympathy and interest for the products on show, while reinforcing the wider significance of Minotti in Jakarta and in Indonesia at large.

Minotti’s new Home Anthology set will be displayed at the coming Cologne IMM show

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The Cologne IMM is one of the most prominent furniture trade events in Europe. And it is also the first such event in the year, which makes it ideal for learning quickly and efficiently about the newest European products and trends.

The next IMM in Cologne will run from Monday the 15th to Sunday the 21st January 2018. Opening hours for visitors will be: Monday through Saturday: 9am to 6pm, on Sunday: 8am to 6pm.

The Minotti exhibit, which will contain Rodolfo Dordoni’s extraordinary Home Anthology set, is to be placed in Hall 11.2, Stands LO10/MO11 to LO20/MO21.

The light and fresh designs of Home Anthology are inspired by modern and flexible living concepts and the human requirements for comfort. Under the guidance of Minotti’s Design Director Rodolfo Dordoni, these concepts are turned into timeless pieces that work collectively to build-up the incomparable Minotti aesthetic.

Minotti unveiled items of its latest 2017 collection in Shanghai

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Minotti is among the most dynamic and creative forces in the international furnishing arena. With this year’s collection, Minotti has proven once again, that it can well meet the expectations of its clients in China and that it can readily increment its sales in this country.

Shanghai is China’s largest financial, commercial and industrial city. It embraces a fabulous mix of history, culture and modern trade. It was quite natural that Minotti should be present with an exhibit at the Salone.Milano Shanghai, the recent display of Italian furniture held in the famed Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Concurrently, the Minotti / Domus Tiandi showroom, in the Huangpu district of town, showcased the best of Minotti’s 2017 collection.

Both exhibits were visited by a vast public of local Architects, Interior Designers and Project Managers.

Andante stepped into the spotlight as the newest items of Minotti’s 2017 collection arrived at its Hong Kong showroom

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Andante recently received the highlight pieces that round off the Minotti 2017 collection.

To celebrate the occasion, a young group of interior decorators and design enthusiasts were introduced to the recent Minotti arrivals and later invited to a lively cocktail.

“When it comes to furniture, interior designers and architects really want to feel the pieces and their materials, to test qualities and features and also to visualize, overall, appropriate placements and arrangements for any specific context” said Mr Antonio Marelli.

In Taichung, Waterside presents the most recent elements of Minotti’s 2017 collection

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The latest elements of Minotti’s 2017 collection are currently on show in Taichung. They are arranged in a spacious display area that perfectly presents the newest set of Minotti creations.

What makes Minotti’s products very different are the company’s elegant designs, a meticulous attention to detail and an uncompromising pursuit of high quality.

All of Minotti’s products emerge from production as an extraordinary combination of imaginative design, impeccable craftsmanship and the exclusive use of premium materials and finishes.

Waterside showcases the latest pieces of the 2017 Minotti collection in Taipei

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The name Minotti is worldwide a stamp of quality and refined comfort. Rodolfo Dordoni, Minotti’s Artistic Director, is guiding the company’s design in a new direction, where warm materials and colours are contrasted with fascinating new forms that are brought to their fundamental essence. The resulting pieces are very attractive and suitable to a vast range of different environments.

“We are rather pleased with the positive response to our latest Minotti collection here in Taiwan” said Mr Antonio Marelli, adding “Asia, and Taiwan in particular, are incredibly fast growing markets that offer us significant business opportunities.”

Andante brings elegance and sophistication to Hong Kong with the latest elements of Minotti’s 2017 collection

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Few things get clients more excited than a fresh new showroom with the latest pieces on display. On these occasions, Andante brings its customers together in an inspiring and cheerful atmosphere that is conducive to a deeper appreciation of the current Minotti offerings.

The Andante showroom is spacious and elegant. It is also well organized, so that visitors can readily envision solutions to their particular furnishing requirements. The elements on display can well demonstrate their suitability to the most diverse applications in residential, corporate and public spaces.

“We are strongly developing our presence in Hong Kong through Andante … this is, for us, an absolutely vital pole of our Asian business” commented Mr Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia.

Antonio Marelli completes a successful tour of Asia culminating in Chengdu

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Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia, has had plenty of work to do during his long tour of Asia last October. In Tokyo, Singapore, Taiwan, Manila, Jakarta as well as in China, he held positive and productive meetings with the local Minotti distributors and communicated the deeper interest of Minotti in further developing its growth in Asia. Perhaps Mr Marelli’s most important stop was in Chengdu, where he met with LHC, the new local distributor and where he participated in the opening festivities of the new Minotti flagship store.

The new Chengdu showroom has a surface of 550sqm and is located in the city’s financial district, renowned for its gleaming skyscraper architecture. Many high-profile companies have offices in this part of town. But the area is also experiencing a big surge in residential building construction. Forbes magazine has, in fact, ranked Chengdu as the worldwide fastest growing city in the next 10 years.

The LHC showroom currently features various masterpieces from Minotti’s current production and has just recently received the latest elements of the 2017 collection.

The latest items of Minotti’s 2017 collection are now available at Living Innovations in Manila

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Minotti is all about client satisfaction. This is well reflected in the comfortable environment, the dedicated service and the perfect organisation of Living Innovations’ showroom in Manila.

Visitors are welcome to drop in and enjoy Living Innovation’s warm and welcoming showroom atmosphere. Living Innovation’s professional staff will be pleased to help clients find the very best solutions for their specific furnishing requirements.

The Living Innovations’ showroom currently features various masterpieces from Minotti’s current production and has just received the latest elements of the 2017 collection.