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The city of Xi’an in China is soon to host a Minotti showroom

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Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province, is a historically very significant city in China’s central-western interior. It has, in recent times, undergone an incredibly successful transformation of its economy towards high-technology research, development and production.

The Xi’an region is one of the most important in the history of China, both as the capital of several ruling dynasties and as a market and trade center.

Beyond its agricultural riches, Xi’an was, in past times, a crucial commercial connector of China to the Western lands and to India. In historic times, silk went westward and wool, gold and silver went east.

Significant government investments, aimed at stimulating future wealth in the advanced services sectors, have been very successful in Xi’an.

At the same time, the metropolis has retained important elements of its precious historic heritage, such as the pavilion towers and the ancient wall around the city’s old urban center. In this context we should not forget Xi’an’s famed terracotta warriors, a collection of thousands of sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. The warriors were buried with the emperor in 210–209 BCE with the purpose of protecting the emperor in his afterlife.



Minotti’s 2018 collection reaches showrooms in Asia

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Debuted at this year’s Milan Salone, Minotti’s latest collection is now also being  distributed to the company’s Asian showrooms.

The new collection, designed in an intense collaboration between architect Rodolfo Dordoni and four internationally renowned furniture designers, is a culmination of brilliant planning concepts, matchless elegance and highest quality materials.

Pieces on display at the Minotti showrooms are on sale off the floor. But clients may, according to their preferences, also  commission custom finished items, based on current catalog designs, fabrics and finishes.

Mr Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia, says “We are very hopeful that this new collection will prove to be a good next step in the continuing development of Minotti products”  adding “… it is, of course, experience, competence and creativity that lead us as we respond to today’s growing comfort and elegance trends in Asia”.

The publication of the 2018 Minotti collection has been released

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The book that illustrates Minotti’s 2018 collection, presented at  this year’s Milan Salone, is now available and can be obtained from your local Minotti agent.

The content of this publication presents the most recent Minotti products, as they were elegantly set up, over a surface of 2000 sqm, by renowned architect Rodolfo Dordoni, at this year’s Milan Salone trade show.

Minotti has been recognized many times for its outstanding product design. This year, a talented crop of international furniture designers: Nendo, Marcio Kogan and Christophe Delcourt, under the leadership of Rodolfo Dordoni, all with an immense savoir faire and experience, created the Minotti masterpieces that make up this year’s splendid collection.

A Minotti showroom will soon open in Xiamen, China

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Xiamen is a particularly beautiful and liveable city on the southeast coast of China. It faces the Kinmen Islands and lies opposite Taiwan and the Penghu Islands across the Taiwan Straits.

Xiamen happens to be one of the most competitive cities in  China and one of the country’s first Special Economic Zones.

Today, Xiamen boasts a modern port facility with one of the most frequently visited international cruise terminals in China.

The main development, production and services activities in Xiamen include electronics, computers, machinery, shipping, logistics and research as well as finance and commerce.

Xiamen is the largest producer and exporter of tungsten products in the world, the largest producer of hearing aids and hearing equipment in the Asia-Pacific region and a leading exporter of computer equipment. The city is also an important centre of information and materials technology,  environmental science, biological and pharmaceutical research as well as  marine technology.


The Minotti showroom in Xiamen is currently being set up and will be opening shortly.

Product Update for the 2018 Minotti Collection – 09/07/2018

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The following is a summary of the most recent Product Update announcements relevant to the Minotti 2018 Collection.

Detailed Product Updates are distributed by Minotti Headquarters.


1.1. A new headrest element is available.


2.1. Two new cushion elements are available: Central element (103 cm) and Chaise Longue element (110 cm)


3.1. Bergère and Armchair

The total height of the armrest and the seat of the revolving versions have been standardized to the heights of the fixed  versions.

In addition, the height of the footrest combined with the Bergère and the swivel chair has also been standardized to the footrest of the fixed version.


The two tables with dimensions  116.5 x 60 x 35 cm are now coded as COD A and COD B to distinguish them by the shape of the lower shelf.


The total height of the lounge table has been increased from 61.5 to 66 cm

6. DAN

The tables with round tops, diameter 160, 180 and 200 cm, in the open-pore opaque lacquered ebony finish now have a top consisting of three triangular wedge elements.

7. LOU

Bar and night container: the lower surface of the folding table of the bar and night containers is no longer coated with a mirror steel plate but has a partially recessed mirror (5 mm in view).


The indication “VISCOSA LYOCELL” has been removed from the technical specification of the carpet, since the type of LYOCELL used is 100% LYOCELL.


The maximum wattage for the BLANCHE lamps is 20W  for each single lamp holder.


The height of the seat cushions has been standardized so that all elements reach the same height.


The composition of this indoors fabric has been changed as follows: VI 37% CO 29% PC 14% LI 10% PL 8% WO 2%


This indoor fabric is available only with limitations.

The descriptive text now reads:

KABUKI fabric is only available for the following models of the 2018 collection: RUSSELL, ALBERT and ILE. KABUKI fabric is also available for prior collections, for seats using traditional canons of classic upholstery, that is, using simple stitching and respecting the vertical direction of the fabric.

The Minotti showroom in Bangkok reopens for business after a complete refurbishment

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Chanintr, Minotti’s partner in Thailand, has recently reopened the Minotti showroom in Bangkok after a thorough renovation and enhancement of the premises.

The showroom has tripled in size: from previously 150sqm to now 450sqm floorspace. In addition, a third large attractive glass door, that faces the sidewalk, has been opened in order to extend the facade.

The renewed showroom interior now features a mezzanine floor with a meeting room, offices and an ample materials display, where  customers can choose from a vast selection of textiles, leathers and finishes that Minotti offers with its products. It is here that clients can discover fresh ideas, as they meet with the suggestions and proposals  of Chanintr’s experienced, professional staff.

Minotti Studio, the Italian showroom designers, together with Chanintr, the Minotti partner in Bangkok, have created a functionally improved and significantly enlarged showroom facility, which is ideal for presenting Minotti products.

“At Minotti we aren’t just making furniture, we are always creating extraordinary objects that are imbued with beauty, elegance and consistent high quality” says Mr Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia.

Shenzhen will soon boast a Minotti showroom

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The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, which in 1980 wasn’t much more than a small fishing village, has grown explosively into a colossal industrial metropolis of 12 million inhabitants and more than 3 million registered businesses. Shenzhen is now roughly the same size as Hong Kong and Singapore combined. Renowned Chinese hi-tech firms such as Tencent and Huawei have settled here.

The Shenzhen People’s Congress Delegate, Yang Qin,  recently said that technology and not labour-intensive production or asset investment is the best engine to boost local economic growth in this conurbation.

Minotti is currently setting up a new, 900 sqm, double-floor showroom in Shenzhen, which is expected to open in August next.  It will be managed by Domus Tiandi, the company that already operates Minotti’s showrooms in Beijing and Shanghai.

Minotti launched its 2018 collection at the Milan Salone

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Following up on a long-standing tradition, Minotti again chose the Milan Salone del Mobile as launch pad for its current collection.

This product set can be seen as a mirror of our current way of life. As such the collection is strongly defined by innovative seating arrangements based on elegantly styled single and multiple units, enhanced by refined finishes and functional flexibility.

Expressing a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, each Minotti piece emerges from an uncompromising dedication to quality and beauty.

Guided by the company’s Artistic Director, Roberto Dordoni, Minotti’s design and production endeavors hinge on a simple but potent ethos: ‘Creation Through Collaboration’. There is in fact a great productive strength at Minotti that arises from the powerful spirit of cooperation reigning among all those who work for the company .

The design of the impressive 2018 collection comprised numerous concepts, plans, elements and models developed by Roberto Dordoni together with design stalwarts Nendo, Marcio Kogan and Christophe Delcourt.

The breadth of Minotti’s offering, which leads beyond indoors furnishing, is highlighted by the numerous available outdoor elements for rooftop and garden environments. The availability of special outdoor fabrics implies that collection pieces can be fully upholstered and used indoors as well as outdoors.

Minotti can deliver appropriate finishes and fabrics not only for private, contract and hospitality applications but also for offices, schools, universities, hotels, restaurants, leisure and healthcare sites.


MINOTTI adds a new production facility to its manufacturing headquarters in Meda, Italy

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Minotti has recently announced its intention to enlarge its production capacity in Meda with a remarkable new 5’000 sqm industrial unit, comprising 14 production locations, 3 loading doors and 2 storage areas.

Increased productivity is an important driver of competitiveness in the international furniture industry today and it will become increasingly critical to business in the future.

This new facility is therefore intended to significantly improve the company’s production capacity and efficiency through larger space, smoother process flows and reduced production times.

“Steadily and efficiently enhancing Minotti’s productivity is an important challenge to us, as we maintain a stable harmony between market demands and our production capabilities” said Mr Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia.

Minotti receives the Wallpaper 2018 Design Award for excellence in the Best Debut category

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Wallpaper magazine has granted this year’s Design Award in the Best Debut class to Minotti, for the refined and elegant furnishing pieces developed for Minotti by the company’s design associate Christophe Delcourt. Particularly nominated were Delcourt’s Fil Noir chairs, his Lou tables as well as his Lou and Noor coffee tables .

The award explicitly recognized the groundbreaking, high-quality work of French designer Christophe Delcourt for Minotti.

Christophe Delcourt’s aesthetic is one of discrete sophistication, enhanced by refined materials and a sense of harmonious proportions. Delcourt’s Minotti pieces deliver ultimate comfort and elegance. His prize-winning designs are born out of intensively prolonged studies, which, in the end of the creative phase always result in very ingenious and comfortable solutions.