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SIM International Furniture Exhibition, Milan: 7th April Preview day invitation to Minotti Monobrand dealers

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Enjoy the first views of Minotti’s eagerly anticipated 2014 collection, one day before the official opening of the Milan International Furniture Exhibition.

The Preview day on April 7th next is the opportunity for all Monobrand dealers in Asia to be a part of this year’s Minotti display in Milan and to catch up on the latest news and events.

Dealers should all have received their official invitation to the Preview day by now.

Minotti’s Andersen seating line: a varied trendsetter

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There is no such thing as an average sofa these days. Customers now want to make very specific choices that suit their spaces, lifestyle and design preferences. If they haven’t been sofa shopping for a while, they would probably be pleasantly surprised by the style, design and material variations now offered by Minotti.

In fact, Minotti has launched, at this year’s imm exhibition in Cologne, three different variations on the Andersen sofa concept: 1) The Andersen, 2) The Andersen Line and 3) The Andersen Slim. These three variations are currently available with quilted seating, as they were presented in Cologne.

By offering sophisticated variants, Minotti aims to present the customer with more convincing and better choices.

“Proposing differences has always been a good strategy to meet the exclusive and particular requirements of the market”, commented Mr. Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia.

The new Andersen catalogue and its corresponding price list are currently being dispatched to Minotti retailers.

Minotti’s Court showroom is back!

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The Court showroom in Tokyo has undergone a significant refurbishment during the current month of January and is opening its doors again, as planned, at the beginning of February 2014. The reopening of the showroom will be marked by a press reception in early February, an event which will be attended by the Sukeno Sales Team as well as by Mr. Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia.

“We are very confident now about the business outlook for Minotti in Japan” said Mr. Antonio Marelli, adding “The reasons are simple: not only is the market in Japan taking a positive turn, we also have an excellent and steadfast relationship with our commercial partners, the Sukeno family, plus both the Tokyo showrooms are particularly attractive now, after their recent renovation. All this taken together looks to me like a winning formula.”

A professional Material Display System, now available for every Minotti Monobrand showroom

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Minotti always offers a vast choice of materials and finishes to go with each of their furnishing collections. This implies that a large amount of sample material must be organized clearly and made readily available to customers in the retailers’ showrooms, where space is often limited.

In order to radically optimize the presentation of materials such as fabrics, leathers and floor coverings as well as wood, stone, glass and metal samples, Minotti has designed and produced the spacious and versatile “Johns Material Displayer”.

This attractive display system offers customers the possibility of personally exploring, feeling and comparing materials as well as evaluating all the options and possible combinations for their specific furnishing projects.

The new Displayer system is flexible, economical and simple to use. Besides, it saves showroom space and eases the sales process by helping customers determine their preferences efficiently and find just what they want.

All Minotti retailers are now urged to install the new “Johns Materials Displayer” in each one of their monobrand showrooms.

New catalogue released for Minotti’s enhanced Andersen product line

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Andersen is one of Minotti’s bestselling product lines. Rodolfo Dordoni, Andersen’s designer, has just added some striking new items to this collection, which is excellently documented in the recently published Andersen product catalogue. This catalogue will prove to be an invaluable help in choosing the configuration, materials, colours and sizes that best suit a customer’s preferences.

A preview of the new enhanced Andersen collection was on display earlier this month at the imm international furnishing show in Cologne, Germany. Visitors were enthusiastic about the style and material choices that Andersen offers.

Finely proportioned, elegantly designed and superbly finished, Andersen sofas and beds will command attention in any contemporary environment.

For final customers, the new Andersen product catalogue can be obtained from local Minotti retailers.
Retailers themselves may request copies of the catalogue, in appropriate quantities, directly from Minotti Headquarters in Meda, Italy.

Renovated Tokyo showrooms offer clients an even better experience

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The Minotti Tri-Angle by Sukeno, one of the two prominent Minotti showrooms in Tokyo, has been thoroughly renovated during the past month. The makeover included the renewal of ceilings, walls, flooring, paint coatings and drapery.

The renovation project was under the management of Minotti’s Head Office, which reimagined the interiors and applied its rich design and planning experience to the various aspects of layout, choice of materials and colour. As a qualifying detail, the showroom entrance now features a double Minotti door push plate.

The transformed Tri-Angle showroom has been delivered by a skilled team of local craftsmen, who provided the high quality that Minotti clients have come to expect in a way that best reflects the Minotti Lifestyle.

The renovation of the Tri-Angle showroom being completed, the Minotti Court by Sukeno showroom has now, in its turn, closed its doors for a month-long refurbishment. It is due to reopen at the end of January 2014 .

An event is foreseen, either in June or July 2014, in the renovated Tokyo showrooms, after the presentation of Minotti’s 2014 collection in Milan in April next.

Lifescape in Asia: a good, solid story

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With the Lifescape samples now having reached their showroom destinations in Asia, the collection catalogues are being distributed by the dealers to prospective customers.

“We have noticed a significant surge of interest and demand both by final clients and by project managers” says Mr. Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia, adding “I don’t think that Lifescape is a trend that just comes and goes. Asia is a vast and promising business domain and it appears that Minotti’s Lifescape indoor/outdoor product line fits well, on this continent, into longer term market expectations”.