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Create a luxurious outdoor lounge with Minotti’s new Aston Cord line of indoor/outdoor furniture

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Outdoor living has become a big trend. At the same time, demand is growing for a new breed of furniture, which is suitable for both interior and exterior use. Being at the mercy of the weather, these furnishings must be rugged, durable and hard-wearing as well as being attractive and elegant.

In responding to these new requirements of the market, Minotti unveiled the Aston Cord line of indoor/outdoor products at this year’s Milan International Furniture Exhibition.

Aston Cord was created by the renowned architect-designer Rodolfo Dordoni. It consists of an elegant set of upholstered chairs, sofas, daybeds and armchairs. The supporting structure of these pieces is in metal, coated with a weather-resistant finish. The seat back is made out of a braided polypropylene cord, available in light grey and dark brown. The inner padding of cushions is in polyurethane. The water repellent cushion covers are removable for washing. The result is rugged enough to weather outdoor garden or terrace use, while also being perfectly fitting inside a city home.

Minotti releases its new Aston collection for the international hospitality sector

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Minotti is now entering the hospitality market, with a first offering of furniture for restaurants, hotel lounges and lobbies. The Asian and American markets are among the principal targets of this initiative.

The Aston collection, which fully conforms to the quality and durability demands of the hospitality industry, creates an atmosphere of serenity and timeless beauty in spaces where people meet and enjoy conversation and relaxation.

Conceived by Minotti’s creative director and chief designer Rodolfo Dordoni, the Aston collection includes upholstered chairs, sofas, armchairs, daybeds and poufs.

Quality and durability are not an accident at Minotti. They are the result of rigorously applying the highest standards of design, materials and craftsmanship, as well as modern manufacturing technologies, to the entire production process.

Minotti has a global logistics reach, which lets the company efficiently fulfill customer requests around the world.

Minotti’s new Bedford line offers the ultimate in bed comfort

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The comfort and support provided by a well-designed bed are crucial elements to a good night’s sleep. And a good night’s sleep is the key to being well rested.

The innovative Bedford line, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, was launched at the recent 2014 Milan International Furniture Exhibition. Mr. Dordoni has fully succeeded both in producing a refreshingly elegant design and in boosting body comfort, support and temperature regulation to levels never before achieved in Minotti beds.

Beds are provided with orthopaedic mattresses, which have seven different support zones, defined by corresponding pocket springs . The mattress surface layer is a “memory foam” that models itself to body shape. The quilted, mite-proof, antibacterial cover is made from hypoallergenic fiber.

The bed base, which also contains pocket springs, can be covered in saddle-hide or textile fabric. The headboard is covered in textile fabric, the perimeter insert in saddle-hide. Metal feet or rolls can be fitted if needed.

Bedford is the design gem for a better night’s sleep.

The 2014 Milan Furniture Exhibition broke all records

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The 2014 Milan International Furniture Exhibition closed on Sunday April 13. Show attendance was up nearly 10% over last year. With 357’212 visitors counted at the Rho fairgrounds and 360’000 people estimated attending the hundreds of offsite exhibits and events in the city of Milan, it has proven to be the largest, liveliest and most successful show of its kind in the world. Visitors came from 160 countries to see new products presented by some 2’400 exhibitors.

Thousands of buyers from around the planet signed off purchase orders that produced a gross 20% increase in sales volume compared to last year. In the context of the European economy, which is still not doing much better than before the current crisis, this is a most encouraging result. “The market is big and growing for those who have a strong brand” said Mr. Claudio Luti, the owner of Kartell and President of Cosmit Spa, the company that organizes the Milan Exhibition.

Minotti’s products always prove to be very appealing to visitors at the Milan fair. The 2014 collection, directed by Rodolfo Dordoni, again expressed the company’s mastery of design and its manufacturing prowess. The keen interest shown by the public confirms that Minotti is well tuned to the market’s demands.
“It seems there are no boundaries to the development of Minotti’s business right now” commented Mr. Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia.

The Salone, as the Milan Furniture Exhibition is also called, always spills over from the Rho fairgrounds into hundreds of offsite locations and events in Milan. This is the territory of experimental, provocative and avant-garde design. There is a lot of trail blazing, a lot of things that are new and novel to us in the offsite districts of Brera, Porta Venezia, Via Tortona and Via Forcella. This is where Milan has created spaces for the creative people who are out to do something different, to break the mould and inject a new artistic breath into the world. Italian design maven Rossana Orlandi is a long-standing and faithful protagonist of Milan’s offsite world. She is appreciated as a torch-bearer and prime mover. She is also sought out for her ability to spot new creative talent. Crowds of connoisseurs flocked to her renowned exhibition space, the Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan’s Magenta district, where this year new works by designers Scholten & Baijings, Aldo Bakker, Bojka and Luca Nichetto were presented.

Minotti unveils its 2014 collection at this year’s Milan International Furniture Exhibition

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Supreme elegance, clean forms, refined detailing and noble materials distinguish Minotti’s 2014 collection, which received accolades from visitors to the Minotti stand at the Milan Salone.

As in past years, the collection was created and directed by the internationally renowned designer Rodolfo Dordoni, who is known to strip away the unnecessary, reducing form to its most beautiful essence, while passionately insisting on the integrity of craftsmanship, materials and finishes.

“We are confident that this year’s collection, which is already commercially available, will strongly appeal to our far-reaching, global customer base” commented Mr. Antonio Marelli at the Milan Exhibition.

Minotti and Waterside furnish a flat in Taipei’s greenest place to live

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The Botanical Garden Villa is set at the edge of an extraordinary green space of gardens, trees, ponds and walkways, in the heart of Taipei. From this tranquil sanctuary at the Botanical Gardens, the Villa tower overlooks the bustling cityscape of Taiwan’s capital.
The Botanical Garden Villa has a unique aesthetic, which is as much about its glamorous, sculptural presence as it is about its generous, fluid interiors that appear to meld seamlessly with the landscape outside.
On a suggestion by Minotti Corporate Headquarters, Waterside, Minotti’s commercial partners in Taipei, furnished a model apartment exclusively with Minotti pieces. By fusing the refined design of Minotti furniture with the enjoyable, open architecture of the Villa, Waterside created that impeccable atmosphere which is the perennial expression of an elegant and uncluttered way of life.

Minotti’s Lifescape indoors / outdoors product line now available at X-tra’s Kuala Lumpur showroom

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Minotti’s strength has always been diversity and flexibility. The Company’s Lifescape crossover furniture is a case in point. It is conceived for both indoors and outdoors use and continues to attract buyers in Asia. Now, X-tra is showing itself responsive to market interest in Malaysia by bringing this striking product line to its Kuala Lumpur showroom.

Huge crowds and many design gems at this year’s Design Shanghai Exhibition

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The recently held Design Shanghai Exhibiton attracted the impressive number of 60’000 visitors, both from China and abroad. This year’s attendance record took the organisers by surprise. It was a clear reflection on the growing importance of design culture in China, where the majority of city dwellers are now evolving into a new upper middle class, with relatively high income, a real interest in quality furnishings and a marked willingness to spend generously on their homes.
This year’s event spread over an area of 10’000 sqm in the captivating, newly-renovated, Shanghai Exhibition Centre.
Over 150 internationally significant design brands were on show. Minotti was presented by Domus Tiandi of Beijing, with the show-piece pictured here. Needless to say, the Minotti products caught the eye of many enthusiastic visitors.
At Design Shanghai, visitors were also fascinated by a new eclectic trend, that successfully blends contemporary design concepts with a return to traditional Chinese aesthetics, locally sourced materials and classical craftsmanship . There are now many Chinese furniture designers who strongly reference the national heritage in their work, creating refined, modern pieces with an emphatic vernacular flavour.
During this year’s Design Shanghai Exhibition, 120 interior designers were awarded the “Outstanding Young Interior Designer of China” prize.

Minotti Monobrand showroom opening in Qingdao, China

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Qingdao is considered to be one of the ten best commercial and industrial cities in China. It has an economy that grows, on average, at a yearly rate of 16%. This almost incredible growth rate is largely attributed to Qingdao’s dynamic industrial base, its international trading and shipping business and the constantly expanding national and foreign investments.
Today, Qingdao is home to a number of very large Chinese corporations such as: Haier (domestic appliances), Hisense (telecommunications and information technology), Liuhe (animal-feed and animal breeding), FAW Jiefang Qingdao (trucks and special purpose vehicles), to name only a few.
The city also boasts a flourishing financial sector, with many foreign banks operating in the region.
Qingdao symbolizes modern China’s strong push into every area of business life. Yet it is also a city of exceptional scenic beauty, enriched by a remarkable historical and cultural heritage.
It is in this very promising environment, that Minotti is opening a Monobrand showroom, in collaboration with its local business partner: The One.

Remade Minotti Manila showroom to open in June 2014

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The Minotti Manila showroom, operated by Living Innovation, is set to undergo a thorough renovation. The corporate development team in Meda, Italy, is already well into drawing up the plans and specifications for the remake. The goal is to keep the best of the existing Living Innovation spaces, while making the showroom more relevant and inviting for today’s prospects and clients.

Workers should be putting the finishing touches on the new showroom in June 2014.

“There is a very promising market for us here in Manila” commented Mr. Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia, adding “This renovated showroom should become a catalyst for business. We, together with our valued partners at Living Innovation, all look forward to seeing the Minotti vision take deeper roots in this enhanced environment”