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Moie presents the 2015 Minotti collection in Jakarta

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October 22 last was “Minotti Collection Day” at the Moie showroom in Jakarta. The event was related to the presentation of key pieces of Minotti’s 2015 collection. Friends of Minotti, architects, interior decorators, project managers and select members of the press attended. They discovered for themselves the many special aspects of this new collection .

This year, Minotti’s farsighted Artistic Director, Rodolfo Dordoni, has brought into his creations a new concept of softness and roundness that expresses a unique sense of comfort. Pieces on show convinced visitors by this new grammar of form combined with vivacious colours and new material patterns. The results are beautiful, atmospheric and relaxed.

The members of the Moie sales team have been struck by the positive echo that the Seymour, Yang and Leslie products evoked in their country. The sales results achieved in Indonesia, after the 2015 Milan Salone and before even a single piece of the collection had physically reached Jakarta, are no doubt a result of the team’s strong professionalism. Their sales competence is, in fact, impressive. With unfailing determination they got into the business of selling the new collection to responsive clients  and they succeeded.

Nevertheless the new Minotti collection wasn’t the only reason for excitement on October 22nd. Moie’s animated cocktail party, with its live musical background, was the social culmination of the day.

“Worldwide, Minotti’s sales are growing admirably. But success is uneven over different regions”  commented Mr. Antonio Marelli,  the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia, adding: “Indonesia, however, is a bustling market and we have in Moie an excellent local team working on it, so that we can expect sales to continue to rise here.”

Marquis of Singapore celebrates the availability of the Minotti 2015 collection

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Marquis marked the arrival of the much-anticipated Minotti 2015 collection with a cocktail reception on the 27th of August.

The event appropriately celebrated the launching of the 2015 collection in Singapore and, by the way, produced many significant encounters with the numerous architects, interior designers and media representatives who attended.

Mr. Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia, who was also present at this animated reception, commented “We’re bringing together a small, more intimate group of people: it’s smaller, with high-quality people. We expect very positive results from this event.”




IDFFHK: Hong Kong’s first luxury design fair promises trade boon

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These days, Hong Kong is a city finding its identity in the present while opening new creative vistas into the future.

The recently held International Design Furniture Fair of Hong Kong, IDFFHK, marked the city’s determination to become East Asia’s new design hub.

This first event of its kind in Hong Kong was set to spark interest in some of the best in high-end international design brands .  The exhibition was a sophisticated presentation of  furniture collections as well as lighting and lifestyle objects from East and West.

The famed French crystal producer Baccarat displayed its new, sparkling  Zenith Charleston chandelier and a special edition of the Tuile de Cristal modular chandelier, designed by Eric Levy.  The Baccarat stand was entirely furnished by Minotti pieces from the 2015 collection: a Seymour lounge, Leslie, Ashton and Cortina armchairs as well as a Dalton shelving unit.

The French Saint Louis company, founded in 1767, is Europe’s oldest “Cristallerie” and today considered to be the most sophisticated glassmaker in the world. Saint Louis displayed an exquisite range of its products, including its Royal, Quadrille, Tommy, Quart and Hulotte series.

World famous architect Zaha Hadid presented her new, pristine collection for the home. Her ravishing Crystal Architecture vases for Lalique drew much attention from visitors.

The IDFFHK was a total success and contributed much towards making cultured design more accessible to an interested regional public.

“This is a good time for us to grasp all the opportunities that we encounter to promote our business in the Asia-Pacific region. The IDFFHK can, I believe, become a strong springboard for our work, by offering us new and rewarding means of promoting our products” commented Mr. Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia.


Andante celebrates 10 years of successful business in Hong Kong

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For 10 years now, Andante has relentlessly focused on making a strong future for itself in Hong Kong.  And during this past decade, the Company has indeed demonstrated a sustained record of success. Its business now looks set to grow further.

We can all agree that this outstanding performance is worth sharing and celebrating.

More than 100 guests came to the Andante event, among them the world acclaimed designer Mr. Steve Leung and the Creative Director of Qeelin Jewellery, Mr. Dennis Chan, who for the occasion enhanced the Andante showroom with an impressive photo installation.

Among other celebrities who attended were Mr. Celeb Kam, Miss Candy Law, Miss Ankie Beilke, and Miss Margery Au.

This important anniversary has also been an occasion to honour the staff that has contributed passionately to Andante’s success and to communicate with customers, media representatives and prospects.

The enjoyable atmosphere put everyone in high spirits.

“This milestone has been an important occasion to reflect on where we’ve been with Andante and to reaffirm our commitment for the future”  said Mr. Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia.



Sukeno celebrates Minotti’s 2015 collection preview in Tokyo

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Sukeno had a huge turnout of delighted guests at its preview exhibition party for the Minotti 2015 collection.

The celebration attracted clients and prospects in great numbers to Sukeno’s showrooms in Tokyo’s elegant Aoyama district. Eminent members of Tokyo’s  interior design and furnishing communities as well as representatives of the press were also present.

A strong sense of the steadily mounting interest in Minotti products pervaded the atmosphere of this animated event .

A more complete set of pieces from the 2015 collection will be displayed in Sukeno’s showroom in Tokyo in early autumn, when the collection, which was first unveiled at this year’s Milan Salone, will also be launched in Japan.


A lively “Summer Light Extravaganza” brought many Jakartans to the Moie Showroom on May 7th

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The ability of Michelle and Nick Shang, to create an intense human experience in their Jakarta showroom, is unparalleled.

On May 7th they launched their vibrant Summer Light Extravaganza.

Plenty of people were invited and close to 200 committed and came. Among them, prominent Indonesian buyers, architects, interior decorators and project managers.

The event was also joined by six highly acclaimed Indonesian Designer-Architects, some of whom have extensive experience with Minotti projects in the domestic and hospitality domains. They not only serve a select clientele in Jakarta but also customers in far-flung cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York.  A set of their project designs was put on view at Moie.

The Extravaganza was enhanced by a high-style fashion show by one of Indonesia’s most celebrated designers: Tex Saverio. He is internationally quite well known, since he has dressed the stars in the American science fiction film The Hunger Games and has also draped Lady Gaga. Guests were enchanted by the wistful, tender lyricism of Tex Saverio’s creations.

During the entire Summer Light Extravaganza, drinks and a rich, great-tasting buffet were served .

The event was, in its spirit of Summer renewal, a complete success.

Hundreds attend Minotti’s 2015 collection launch party at company headquarters in Meda

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On the evening of April 16, hundreds of invited guests flocked to Minotti’s headquarters in Meda for the exclusive but informally relaxed party, hosted by the company to celebrate the release of its 2015 collection at this year’s Milan Salone.

Besides Minotti’s management and staff, a prominent line-up of internationally famed guests also joined the party and danced well into the night. The ambiance did get a little bit hot, but it was, to say the least, very enjoyable!

Marquis presents Minotti’s Lifescape in/out collection at its Singapore showroom

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On March 26th last, Marquis welcomed numerous Architects, Interior Designers, Buyers, Developers and other Professionals to a full-day reception at the luxurious company showroom on Hill Street in Singapore.

The beautifully staged Lifescape exhibit by Marquis is an ideal occasion to display this great new product line, which is perfectly suited to both indoors and outdoors use.

Present at this event were also Ms. Jean Wee, CEO of Marquis,  Mr. Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia, as well as numerous members of the Marquis staff.

For a limited period of time, Marquis will maintain the current Lifescape exhibit as it is, in order to present it to wider groups of Buyers, Architects and other Clients from Singapore. In particular, presentations will be offered to potential Customers in the Hospitality Business.

Among those who  attended the reception, many were saddened by the recent death of Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father and long time leader of Singapore. Lee died on March 23 in Singapore at the age of 91. He was a gifted visionary and a political heavyweight, whose absence will be keenly felt.



Minotti celebrates the launch of the new Moie showroom in Jakarta

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December 11, 2014 saw the inauguration of the new Minotti-Moie showroom in Jakarta, in the presence of of Ms. Michelle Shang and Mr. Nick Shang, the Proprietors of Moie, Mr. Renato Minotti, the Co-Managing Director of the eponymous firm, Mr. Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia and Mr. Paolo Nardini, the Minotti General Sales Manager.

Among the more than 150  distinguished Indonesian guests at the event were famed Media Representatives as well as prominent Architects, Designers, Interior Decorators and Project Developers.

The new Meio showroom is already increasing awareness of Minotti in the region and will no doubt make a very positive contribution to our business success in Indomesia.

A sense of occasion enhances the 2014 Minotti collection launch at the Living Innovations showroom in Manila

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Mr. Ferdinand Ong, the General Manager of Living Innovations, that owns the Minotti showroom in Manila, was very pleased to welcome the numerous guests he had invited for the launch of the 2014 collection. The event took place on the 29th of September last, in the magnificent, recently refurbished Minotti showroom at the Shangri-La Makati Retail Arcade.

Mr. Ong was delighted to greet representatives of the local press and media as well as interior designers, developers and, last not least, new and confirmed clients. He was particularly honoured by the presence of Mr. Renato Minotti, Co-Executive Manager of the eponymous company, Mr. Paolo Nardini, the Minotti General Sales Manager and Mr.Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia. Mr. Ong also greatly appreciated the courtesy visit of His Excellency Mr. Massimo Roscigno, Ambassador of Italy in The Philippines, who was accompanied by his First Secretary, Mr. Alfonso Tagliaferri.

“With this new collection, which was first released at the Milan Salone earlier this year, Minotti has taken the design, quality, comfort and craftsmanship of its products a significant step forward” remarked Mr. Antonio Marelli, concluding “We are now also seeing an interesting enrichment of the colour gamut. All these strong features give us confidence that the products of the 2014 collection will please our clients in The Philippines”.