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Sukeno Event in Tokyo

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Why does Minotti continue to attract such a vast number of clients?
Certainly because its products are excellently designed, of highest quality and imbued with a pleasing elegance.

In Tokyo, on the 10th of October last, a special event took place in all three of Sukeno’s Minotti showrooms: in the Aoyama, Court and Tri-Angle buildings. Present were members of the Minotti and Sukeno families as well as architect Nendo, who this year designed a series of armchairs and sofas for the company. The event was split over three locations:

- The Tri-Angle showroom which displayed a hospitality set based on architect Nendo’s designs,
- The Court showroom, that presented a video on Minotti’s 70 years of successful business, and
- The Aoyama showroom, where a cheerful cocktail party for clients, designers, architects, business partners and many other guests was offered.

“Staging an informative business event is a tried and tested model that usually yields good results” said Mr. Antonio Marelli, adding “…but we are particularly fortunate to have the Sukeno family here in Tokyo with us, who not only manage our day to day business brilliantly, but also diligently reveal and promote our products to our guests on occasions such as this.”

The Moie Minotti showroom in Jakarta presented the newest pieces of the 2018 collection

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On the 24th October 2018, the Moie Minotti showroom in Jakarta showed this year’s Minotti collection to an invited group of clients.

The new sofa sets accentuate Minotti’s design tradition, which is expressive of refinement and well-being. The Ottoman complements, on the other hand, exude an air of tasteful elegance.

“Minotti is attentively following the growing comfort and elegance trends in Asia” said Mr. Antonio Marelli, adding “…in our product developments, we tend to reflect on our client’s changing needs and desires. This keeps us a good length ahead of the competition.”

Minotti’s remade showroom in Bangkok was inaugurated on June 21 2018

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The newly enlarged Minotti showroom in Bangkok  is now officially open.  The maximized space will serve as an office base for the Chanintr team, as a storage area for materials and as a place to receive clients, architects, interior designers, project managers and other guests.

Elements of the most recent Minotti collection were on display on June 21 during the lively inaugural event held in the new showroom.

Mr Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia, was present on the occasion, together with a distinguished group of Minotti executives and senior managers, most of them members of the Minotti founding family.

“I have never doubted how important Asia is for Minotti” said Mr Marelli, adding: “In Asia, product integrity, design elegance and material quality are becoming increasingly important to our clients. Consequently these aspects are now at the heart of everything Minotti produces.” Concluding, Mr Marelli remarked that “Minotti’s reputation is solidly established here in Asia and the company will, no doubt, pursue its strong growth, both in Bangkok and on the entire Asian continent…Our current business situation in Asia seems to me to add up to a strong development trajectory that is leading Minotti into a very auspicious future.”


Executives and Managers present at the Minotti Showroom Reopening Event on June 21  2018  in Bangkok:

Mr  Chanintr Sirisant, CEO Chanintr Living

Mrs Cathy Cheung and Mr Sammy Yan, China Traders

Mr  Renato Minotti and Mr Roberto Minotti, CEO’s Minotti Spa

Mr  Paolo Nardini, General Sales Manager, Minotti Spa

Mr Alessio Minotti, Minotti Spa

Mr Marco Piantoni, Minotti Spa

Mr. Antonio Marelli, Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia



Don’t miss the relaunch event at the Minotti showroom in Bangkok on June 21 2018

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On the coming 21st of June, Minotti  will celebrate the reopening of its showroom in Bangkok with a grand party that will no doubt be both enjoyable and fruitful.

The reception will offer guests a unique opportunity to meet members of Minotti’s top management, who will be flying in from Italy for the occasion.

Participants will not only have a chance to make the acquaintance  of Minotti ‘s principal directors. They will also have the opportunity to mingle and network  with the 200 or so guests that we expect to host.

We anticipate the presence of potential customers,  prominent Bangkok media representatives, architects and interior designers.


“We feel satisfied with the enhanced structure and organisation of this valued Minotti showroom” said Mr Antonio Marelli, adding   ” We naturally expect to see some healthy business growth here in the future.”


For further information about this event, please contact:

Chanintr / Bangkok

phone: +662 714 9040


LHC and Minotti mark the opening of the new Minotti showroom in Chengdu, China

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Continuing its focus on expansion in Asia, Minotti recently opened a new flagship showroom in the marvelous city of Chengdu. This new showroom, with its particular dash, reflects the atmosphere of other Minotti points of sale in Asia.

To celebrate the opening event last month, Minotti and the distributor LHC invited an impressive crowd of young, enthusiastic professionals and guests to a lively party which lasted well into the night. Present at this occasion were also personalities of Minotti’s international management, namely Mr Alessandro Minotti, one of the Joint Owners of the company, Mr Paolo Nardini, Corporate Sales Manager and Mr Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia.

“Our brand is now highly regarded in Asia” commented Mr Antonio Marelli, adding “here in China one of our main concerns, at the moment, is to show assiduously what we do and what we can offer, in a country where design and quality are so important”.

LHC and Minotti celebrated the new showroom opening in Chengdu, China, on October 14th

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The opening of Minotti’s new showroom in Chengdu offered the perfect opportunity to bring together Minotti executives with local architects, interior designers, project developers and clients for a Launching Party in this fast-growing city.

Guests had a fresh look at the Minotti 2017 collection while enjoying behind-the-scenes showroom tours, light refreshments, lively music and entertainment. They also had the opportunity to meet with personalities of Minotti’s international management, namely Mr Alessandro Minotti, one of the Joint Owners of the company, Mr Paolo Nardini, Corporate Sales Manager, and Mr Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia.


Marquis of Singapore hosts two receptions to celebrate the newly arrived elements of Minotti’s 2017 collection

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On the two consecutive evenings of October 4th and 5th, Marquis held receptions which were attended by numerous guests.

These two occasions brought Mr Antonio Marelli the opportunity to catch up and mingle with his countless local business acquaintances. Among the 90 guests that came to the event on the first day were mainly Architects, Interior Designers and Journalists. On the second day, the 130 attending guests were mostly Interior Designers and Project Developers.

Mr Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia noted: “I was very impressed by these high-key Marquis events…they present products in great style but they also facilitate and enhance valuable personal relationships in a pleasant atmosphere of good music, delicious drinks and fine food”.

LHC and Minotti to throw a Grand Opening Party at the new Minotti showroom in Chengdu, on October 14th, 2017

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LHC and Minotti announced that they would together inaugurate the new Minotti showroom in Chengdu, with a Grand Opening Party on the 14th of October 2017.

Don’t miss this event, which will give you a hands-on experience of Minotti products and also provide you with the opportunity to meet Minotti executives, namely Mr Alessandro Minotti, one of the Joint Owners of the company, Mr Paolo Nardini, Corporate Sales Manager, and Mr Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia.

The new Minotti/Sukeno showroom in Tokyo-Aoyama is off to a flying start

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Minotti, together with its long-standing business partner in Japan, Mr Tadao Sukeno, last week opened the doors of its new flagship showroom located in Tokyo’s historical design district of Aoyama. The characterful and elegant exhibition space, covering an area of 450m2 over two floors, is the third Minotti/Sukeno showroom in Tokyo.

It is now 15 years that Minotti collaborates admirably with Mr Tadao Sukeno, with his distinguished family and with his highly professional staff. As we expect to observe sales edging up with the new showroom configuration, we should also see revenue in Japan improve.

The 2017 preview collection has just recently been unveiled in Tokyo and this was reason enough to celebrate. Invitations were duly sent out. 400 guests came.

On two consecutive evenings last week, the new Aoyama showroom morphed into a perfect party venue. Invited guests, mainly clients, architects, designers, interior decorators, project managers and members of the Tokyo press, flocked to the new Minotti/Sukeno site, where they could join Mr Roberto Minotti and Mr Renato Minotti, the Managing Directors of the eponymous company, as well as some of the younger generation of Executives: Ms Susanna Minotti and Mr Alessandro Minotti. Also present were Mr Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia and Mr Luca Molinari of the Minotti Design Studio, who brilliantly planned and supervised the development of the new Minotti/Sukeno showroom in Aoyama.

While at the Aoyama party, Mr Antonio Marelli said: “Without some real fun now and then, horizons shrink and ambition dwindles. That is why we are here on this occasion: to celebrate the zest, enthusiasm and creativity which are our hallmark and which keep us up front”.

Minotti’s much anticipated 2017 collection was launched at this year’s Milan Salone

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Minotti’s spacious exhibit at the 2017 Salone stood out prominently among the 2000 plus stands from over 160 countries that were present at this year’s Milan event.

Beyond the vast Trade Fair buildings in Rho, this 56th edition of the Milan Furnishing Exhibition spanned the city of Milan with hundreds of collateral events, exhibits, shows, talks, receptions and presentations.

Minotti is well aware of the fundamental importance of the Salone and feels that, more than ever, the numerous visitors attracted to this unique event are not only the most sophisticated and influential but also the most sensitive and critical that can be found anywhere in the world.

Design that sparks exciting changes, as displayed in Milan, has now even led companies such as Apple, Nike and Ikea to participate actively in the Salone and to put forward their own original ideas and fertile proposals.

Architect and Minotti Design Director Rodolfo Dordoni again challenged himself to produce the 2017 collection. He succeeded brilliantly in creating an inimitable set of fresh new pieces, which are clear, elegant and contextually sensitive.

“We are looking ahead in 2017 with intense optimism, thanks to our impressive new collection and our strong international sales organisation”  commented Mr Antonio Marelli, the Minotti Resident Area Manager for Asia.